Saturday, October 21, 2006


(Disclaimer: All characters in this story are purely fictitious and any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely co incidental.)

I say:

She is my girlfriend from eight years. No, none of my friends have met her. Actually I never wanted to. Reasons, OK I always felt that boys meet the girlfriends of their friends to see ‘kaisa maal pataya hai’. I know my friends are not like that but I could never get above this mentality.

But eight years is a long time. I had made up my mind to let them meet her at a suitable point of time.
So the occasion came when Rahul was giving treat of his new job. I was with her when I got the invitation from Rahul to join them.

Sometimes you work against your intuitions; I asked him if I can bring her there, no not alone, with one of her female friend. It was just a moment’s impulse, with no consequences pondered whatsoever. Rahul of course could not say no.

The thing I realized later was there were five friends, drinking! and a scapegoat to be butchered unwillingly at a five star hotel. So I knew that I was going to spoil their fun and increase the woes of the scapegoat by adding three more persons to the party at an expensive hotel.

No, I could not revert, the shot had been fired and I had to go with it.

She says:

I never understand why he insists on taking me to meet his friends. I feel that I am going there to be evaluated by his friends. The thought that all my moves are being watched and I am a showpiece scares me. I know I might be overreacting but if I need to ‘look good’, behave well, look interested and smile all the time, I turn uncomfortable.

Also why is he taking me to a five start hotel? His friends might feel that I came because they were at a five star. He himself knows that his chances of giving back a treat at a five star are minimal. I know that this thought has worried him and he himself is uncomfortable.

His friends will be drinking there. I turn uncomfortable at the sight of booze, and there I will have to look normal. He knows all this and I know he will become more restless than me. But I have to go with him, I have no other option.

They Say:

We do not have much to say. We only know that he is coming to this party with his girlfriend. We have to try hard so that the effect of booze does not get over our heads. Most of us will have to try hard to act normally in the presence of girls.

We dot not have any opinion on anything, let fate take care of it. But his girlfriend should not feel how strange friends he has……………

For any confusions hereafter, look at the disclaimer.


Anonymous said...

i see that u still have a fixation for anonymities except for a mild temptation in between with a rahul
eh ?

Anurag said...

:) there were characters who may not like to be named

Anonymous said...

:)..nice post...i of course know the event you are referring to!


Anurag said...

Thanks for liking the post, though the event was not much of my liking :)

mundra said...

dude! i wud just wish to say that the only way to not feel the way u and ur gf felt is to have many more of such parties... i say so because if you feel this way with some of your long time friends then it will be difficult for you to be at ease at any such events later in life. i think this feeling can only go away when you talk more nd more with people at such events and realize that people dont think what you believe them to be thinking. infact the only concern of people is that they are havng fun!!!