Monday, July 21, 2008

Life on the Other Side

A crap movie is running in front of me. I am sitting next to somebody, talking to her and writing this blog. Lest you forget, I am married now. So I am permitted to write the blog, condition being I have to sit next to her.

It has been a long time and I owe you all updates. So here they are. In case you feel that quality has changed, blame it on the crap bollywood movie running in front of me (AND NOBODY ELSE!)

1. These days I am on, actually, err eh, oh yes, where people go, to visit after marriage, or tour places, OK I embarrassingly say it now ‘Honey moon’. So I am in Goa with my wife, seeing beaches, managing things, and still trying to digest that ‘I got married’.

In case you think everything is romantic on this world you are completely wrong. Today me and my wife decided to be friends again and we are feeling lighter. We were actually getting depressed feeling that we are on our honeymoon.

2. My marriage was an OK affair; I played my role well and she did her part. I still feel I acted in a play in which priests were the dictators, oh no directors. The Herculean ceremony ran for days together, drained complete energy out of our entire family, and extracted, dried and extremely exhausted two of us, the poor bride and the groom. Now I know why people marry only once in their lives.

3. After marriage most of our worries got over but the only concern we have is of our costly wedding dresses. Next time we can use them only if we get a role in Mithun Da’s movie. In case you have any contacts, please help us. Having wasted a considerable part of our parent’s income on our wedding dresses, we are worried how we can justify that expenditure.

4. Since I have not updated you on this, I much tell you that I have joined in Bankura district of West Bengal as Assistant Magistrate and Assistant Collector. To make it flashier I should tell that I have conducted raids with motor vehicles department, excise department and attended election meetings. Now when you are decently impressed, I am subtly adding that I have no office, no permanent vehicle and the Bankura district is so large that it does not even have one Internet café.

Let us hope I shall meet you soon. But as now I am a ‘responsible’ married man, I may blog less often. To tell you the truth, I am still thinking of ways to act more mature. If you have suggestions, do let me know.