Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I knew it

Read carefully, at least at some part of your life you must have experienced this.


1. Watching random orkut profiles; seeing their stupid pictures most of which are ‘cute’ cartoons (why the hell do I need to come to your pictures folder to watch them), reading the boring ‘about me’ and hackneyed, mutually shared testimonials which mostly start with ‘what to say about him/her’, or even worse, roses drawn by text art.

2. Remaining online for hours, watching those who are online but remaining in guise of a ‘busy’ symbol.

3. Checking the email in every two minutes, refreshing the page every now and then to receive the new emails and having an occasional look at the spam folder.

4. Doing what you are doing just now, that is reading blogs, most of which hardly make sense (mine seriously excluded )

1. You have a lot of idle time and a generous internet connection.
2. That means you have got a rich father, or
3. God was kind upon you and you entered an IIT, or an engineering college where there is no work and free internet connection.
4. You may also be at a liberal software organization where you work (at least in official terms).

The disease is called boredom. I am suffering from that too. I never knew why I always had so much free time on earth. The condition is serious, and believe it or not, internet hardly provides a solution. That I have been trying for years

Any remedies?


Chandana said...

my blog is also excluded :D (just kidding...actually I think my blog shud not b excluded)...n well u did the right diagonosis...I am in this bored club too n indeed seeking rehabilitaion...but u seriously have no reason to be here. U can cool off in infinite ways...can't talk u into particular ones...but relly....if u wanto be busy u can more easily be so than others!!!

Sakshi said...

Hahaha. I call it procrastination, spending time online rather than working.. as I should be right now.

Ps. Thanks for for dropping by at the blog :D

Anurag Srivastava said...

@chandana: your blog also excluded :)

I never found the infinite ways to cool off, wait a minute, may be I like to be idle :P

@Sakshi: When people were not working online, I wonder how they spent their time.

PS: It is my pleasure maam

Rahul said...

The pretty notion of boredom is flawed i guess... if u r bored how r u doing the thing u r doing .. and if u r not bored then you must be enjoying the thing u r doing and if you are not being bored and yet you claim that u r .. then i believe thats criminal ..

p.s : ignore above, another example of boredom :)

Anurag Srivastava said...

@Rahul: Ignored :) but you had a point