Sunday, August 24, 2008

Wedding Blues: Part I

I got married!

In case you are confused, this is not a humorous post. It has been one and a half month and I am still trying to digest it. In my district people ask me if I am staying with my ‘family’; …………family?

Lest I forget the fateful ninth day of July, in the year 2008 when my world got changed, I must chronicle it in my blog.

1600 hrs: The crowd kept on swelling and by late afternoon population density of my house equaled a Train’s general compartment. I was feeling awful but I tried looking busy touching numerous feet, meeting long lost relatives, exchanging smiles and giving impression that for me recognizing them was nothing but a cakewalk.

1700 hrs: Just before proceeding for the marriage venue, a ceremony started outside my house. My n number of brother and sister in laws started ‘grooming’ me. Grooming is a euphemism for almost stripping me outside my house and helping me with new clothes. Big kaajal was applied too on my 'golden facial' face.

After that an old dictator like relative pronounced that I cannot go to my house till I bring the bride there. I panicked as I was left in custody of my peripheral relatives.

1800 hrs: Sanity surfaced when my mom came with me for the ‘Well pooja’. I found that interesting when my aunt explained me the role play. Actually groom's mother was supposed to put her legs inside the well threatening that if her son does not get ready to marry, she will jump into the well. And then the son acquiesces by proceeding for the baraat.

1900 hrs: When I was getting ready for the baraat, all my near and dears were also getting ready. So here I was, getting ready for ‘supposedly’ the most memorable occasion of my life in an unknown house. All my siblings who were to help me vanished to their own beauty parlors. I somehow managed to enter that long Sherwani.

2000 hrs: I reached the marriage venue in time but most of my relatives were not so disciplined. First the bus got full, then there was a traffic jam and ultimately a vehicle of our side got entangled in a road accident. Sitting in the marriage venue in a fancy dress among the zillion stares was hell!

2200 hrs: When everyone was there, my baraat’s luxury car went missing. Locating it took another good half hour. And then the baraat started. The frenzy of baraat dance grew and I was left alone, in the ailing AC of the car that was moving at a snail’s pace. I wondered why this night was so slow.

2330 hrs: The baraat finally reached. I was not allowed to get down as bride’s brother had to carry me in his arms. Poor he because I am not on the lighter side; poor me because I was almost dropped three times.

0000 hrs: I was (slightly) tense and (slightly) nervous sitting on the stage facing a large staring crowd. And then a smile came on my face. She was slowly coming in her blue bridal dress; my stupid old friend. All eyes were at her and mine were there too. We shared a subtle smile and suddenly I was at ease.


Ashish said...

Hi Anurag

Nice narrative..having attended my brother's wedding recently...I could really follow the sequence well...
BTW why don't u share some of the pics...must have been great many...if u wish that is... ;)

Anyways..enjoy 'Family life'...while we enjoy our bachelor lives...


Chandan Dubey said...


Congratulations again, on your wedding. Both to you and Shreya (I had to make some effort to find her name) ;)

Sorry I couldn't come. Seems like it was quite fun. Saw the pictures though. Regal costumes. Any ideas what you are going to do with those ? :)

Well, Have fun. Probably we will meet sometime. Keep blogging.


Anurag Srivastava said...

@ashish: In case you are interested to see some pics you can see that at

@chandan: I think in any wedding from now on, I will give competition to bride and groom by wearing my wedding costumes, so be careful in your wedding :)

vikram singh said...

Hi Anurag,

wishing you a happy married life....Have good time.

Anonymous said...

hey i didnt know u were 'not' on the lighter side ??? guess dey have to redefine the weight categories in the olympics too ;) jst for U !!!

Reshma said...

hey...i juz went through your blog....The way u write is quite intersting