Thursday, August 25, 2016

Twitter Blues

1. Can one actually write anything in 140 characters?
2.  Eureca, I now know the cause of abbreviations downpour
3. Umm, m I aluwd 2 invent this abriviatn?
4. Can I actually tweet something that Prime Minister, Amitabh Bacchan and errrr (with lots of blushes) Deepika Padukone will see? 
5. Yesssssss........Mom,  Uncle Mishra and that obscure neighbour who only writes 'Nice' with a wink on any facebook post has not invaded Twitter till date
6.  Suddenly so much happening in this world, I cant even keep pace with it?
7. Everything with #,# and #. #Really?
8. Yesssss, I got some followers. I feel like a #leader today. #Preparingathanksgivingspeech 
9.  And why the hell did I resist joining it for so many days


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