Friday, February 17, 2006

14.02.2006 that’s VALENTINE’s DAY

I being the sole interpreter, arbiter and enforcing authority of Hinduism hereby proclaim that no one henceforth shall be allowed to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Anyone found guilty of celebrating it shall be duly punished by my law enforcers who will be assuming special responsibility on this day. My laws enforcers shall be free to vandalize shops, misbehave and punish any erring couple whom they think appropriate for punishment.

Entire year no one remembers me but I deserve my due share in national dailies.

We live in Hindustan and we have a culture. Only I can understand what our culture is and I have assumed the special responsibility of preserving it. Matters of beliefs and faith are above our constitution or any law of land. Our land prohibits the couples to meet, express love and ruin their future. When a girl ruins her future herself, it brings shame to her family. But parents follow the due customs of caste, dowry to legitimize marriage. Only parents shall have the right of ‘ruining’ her life.

All these days are from ‘fauran’ culture. My culture has taught me to preserve it by taking obscene processions, using idiot mobs for creating nonsense and giving some work to otherwise idle yet enlightened youths.

To remove any confusion, it is stated that no argument against me shall be correct, or deserved to be heard as I am the only person who knows what is right for you idiots.

(……………………Still I don’t understand why my law enforcers change party when they get a girlfriend……may be there is a fauran conspiracy)

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