Monday, May 28, 2007

Something from Past

This blog was written by me in october 2005 just before leaving the job at Asian Paints. I thought it was pretty personal so I did not publish it then. Now when I have got All India Rank 27 in civil services I think I am justifiedd in publishing this :-)

Yes I am going for it.

There was a kid in class 5th who dreamt of becoming an IAS officer. He lived with this idea, read long editorials in the newspaper, mugged CSR and did anything however stupid to live up his dream of becoming an IAS officer. Then he grew, realized the difficulties of life and gave up the idea.

That’s me. I was sure that I shall be going for IAS. Then at some point of time, I decided that I should enter the IIT to make my life secure. Lazy as I always was, I did not work hard to prepare for IAS during my stay at IIT. Life presented softer options and I went for them. One can take a good job, do an MBA, PhD or anything, but not taking up a job just for the sake of giving IAS exams looked a stupid idea. I decided to postpone the idea of appearing for IAS and went for a ‘good’ job. I wanted to play safe, make myself appear smart and present a successful image. The job was really good, probably among the best in the campus.

Just four months down the line I have money, prestige, envy of peers but still I am not satisfied. I feel I am betraying my dream. I do not want to wake up a morning when I turn 40 and feel that I did not had the guts to go for it. It may turn out to be a blunder; it may turn out to be a boon.

Whatever it may be, this is the best time to chase my dream.


Shailesh said...

Hi Anurag

Nice to see your blog after a break.I can directly relate ths blog
with the situation that I went thru last few months.

I am also a mech. engr frm Pune University. I was a University topper
and the same feeling of security & good job dragged me to the present job.

meanwhile I had 2 continue with my job due to family obligations &
have been working for almost 2 yrs right now.

I have been successful to break these shackles last week and
I have decided to resign frm job.

I feel happy to have zeroed down on this and hope to be there in your
league in nxt 2 yrs.

keep writing. Your wit and thoughtfulness make ur blogs a worth 2 read !

Shailesh Balkawade

Anurag Srivastava said...

@Shailesh: Thanks a lot for appreciating my blog, I am flattered :-)

Work hard. Civil services is difficult but achievable. One has to pursue his dream with full vigour.

For any help, feel free to contact me anytime.

Shailesh said...

@ Anurag: Believe my last comment didnt intend to flatter u!!.

The "wit" that I was talking abt was w.r.with ur comments in blog of "darius".

I feel grateful for support u have extended. Cud u please give ur email ID. Mine is

I intend 2 take mech. engg. as optional. Do u know any resource person or source for availibity of study material for this subject?

Wht were ur optionals?

Anurag Srivastava said...

My optional were History and Public Administration. Rest answers I have e mailed you.