Sunday, September 02, 2007

These days

Finally today is Sunday. Never before I realized in my life how precious Sunday is. As the state of my mind is filled with mundane things at LBSNAA, I can write only about it :)

The major happenings were the trek, dying of election fever, memos, return of my 'lonely' attitude and ‘murmerings’ of couple formation.

Yesterday we again went for a trek to a place called Lal Tibba. We walked for nearly 20 Km on tough terrains and believe me, some of it was really dangerous. We were briefed a lot about two things, one a scorpion grass and second leeches.

Though the scorpion grass made us feel its presence, we really missed leeches. I feel that poor leeches were given such a bad name that they decided to boycott our trek. Dear leech, please forgive my instructor for painting you in such a derogatory manner.

We also had a Bharat Natyam program, and remember the attendance was compulsory there. So all went there, willingly or unwillingly. Add on to it that you have to watch it on a friday evening when you woke up at 5 in the morning and have been busy since then. Though it was not very good, but I enjoyed it.

The thing I disliked about some officer trainees was their ‘comments’ during the program. An artist must be respected. Somehow I feel they have not got over their ‘Boys will be boys’ mentality. The thing that pains me more is the general acceptance of it.

And yes, at times I have started feeling alone. It is strange that this feeling hits me more when I am in a crowd. Though it is nothing uncommon with me, but I somehow felt I will not be myself in Mussorie.

Now about those ‘murmerings’. Though in nascent stages, the signs are visible during treks. There are 'some' lucky ones, with girls and then there are many others, who are keeping records of the signs. The real game will begin once the cadres come. I think many are getting geared up for it. After all ‘Cadre Marriages’ is the only rescue of candidates sent to north east.

In case you have any doubts, on a Sunday evening, I am sitting in my room, analyzing signs of others and writing blogs, so you know on which side of fence I am.


darius said...

hey the leeches dint have such a bad time. u seem to be lucky enough to escape them but a number of not-so-lucky ones had leeches clinging to their ankles from all sides!

darius said...

hey the leeches dint have such a bad time. u seem to be lucky enough to escape them but a number of not-so-lucky ones had leeches clinging to their ankles from all sides!

Sanjeev said...

Hi Anuraag, I am regular visitor to your blog. I have read most of them posted this year. Interview, Post selection musings and todays one also. You look like a normal guy, tell me something, what is reqd. to become IAS. I am trying for it last 3 yrs., 29 now but success eludes mee dost. My optionals are History and Pub. Ad. what shall I do? I am also working in a BPO and the Job is imp. but My dream, Uska Kya...Tell me something, Can you help me with some guidance?

Anonymous said...

now at least tell us who is darius??????

Hari said...

Hi Anurag
U take us through u r emotions in this entry. Perhaps, for creative and liberal souls like u , the school boy discipline of LBSNAA should be intriguing. And this should be making u lonely at times. But be patient. Tough times never last long. In the meanwhile, I hope blogging should provide u some relief.

And are North East assignments that tough to handle or are u going by the general perception.

Chandana said...

Who is this anonymous? ;)

Anurag Srivastava said...

@Darius: Man!!! you surprise me all the time.

Why did you close your blog?

@Sanjeev: Thanks for calling me a normal guy :)

I do not know what is causing you problem. But the competition is really tough and one needs his bit of destiny too. Seeing your age I think you dont have many attempts left, so be careful in your next attempts.

Your optionals are same as mine and I relied mostly on coachings for those. I do not know what specific help I can give but in case you want to, drop me a mail at

Anyways best of luck, but remember that there is a life beyond civil services too.

@anonymous: The truth is i have been proved too dumb to recognise Darius and right now I am equally clueless :(

@Hari: I am feeling better now, pehaps that was lack of sleep :)

North east assignments are not difficult, only people dont want to lead their entire life there. I feel its a matter of perception only as no one knows what can come in future. How much people expect from God!

@Chandana: I have no clue who anonymous is and I think I should give up this sleuth business :)

darius said...

:) sorry yaar, troubling u so much :) but its so much fun u know, every time we cross each othr i give u a polite nod and u do the same and u have NO clue its me!!! Cant tell u how much i'm enjoying this, albeit at your expense and hence my apologies :) let me know whenever u give up truly. i'll introduce myself to you. But the condition is the same - no one else must EVER know who I am. done?

Anonymous said...

thanks for a wonderful blog! laage raho anuraag bhai!!

Rahul said...

its interesting again!!!
i have been busy myself.. now this one is different .. hehe
Can't help though too much of work and this poor soul i.e me all alone, even my gf seems to be running away, have to catch up there as well ..

anyways keep writing. well for the boys will be boys thing, I believe nobody can change that . no matter how hot and sweet and beautiful gf u have, u will be found looking at all the hotties around .. hehe
just boys

Rahul said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anurag Srivastava said...

@Darius: This time leaches sucked my blood, I think they read my blogs :)

I will wait till Who's Who is published before giving up :P, anyways my expense has been too high, I infact offended a guy by claiming that he was Darius

@Joydeep: Its the appreciation of you all that keeps me going.

@Rahul: It was not about the girls, but the cheap comments made about the artist, for girls I wont have blamed anyone :P

anu said...

its was hardly 3 days i came through this site for the first time, but i got glued to it. ur blogs are really interesting, and i shouldn't forget to appreciate ur way of writing.its quite interesting to know the experiences of civil servants. ur blogs give us a bird's-eye-view of the academy.and i have a doubt over here; how r the cadres divided??

anu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
darius said...

i escaped this time too :) we'll wait for the Who's Who.. im only glad it dint come out any sooner else i wouldnt have been able to have all this fun at your expense :)

I'm really sorry about that guy ya.. i had to throw u off track a bit to save my skin :) I'm awfully sorry! btw, what was the guy's reaction???

Anurag Srivastava said...

@Anu: Thanks for the appreciation.

The cadre allocation is a complex process. In any state, one third insiders are sent and two third outsiders. So the topper of one state 'may' get his home cadre if there is an insider vacancy in his 'category'.

After that no choice is asked from us. States are arranged in an alphabetical order and rankwise they may start allocation from a particular state. If you are very keen, you can see the website of ministry of personnel for details.

@Darius: Shall tell you the story in person, I should have sensed you will give me wrong clues

Chandana said...

I tld u he's giving wrong clues!!!!