Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Everlasting Enigma

Life has become different. But I am not going to tell you that.

I have been criticized that civil service is taking over AS and I will soon get an identity crisis. As this comment is from someone who knows me better than myself, I think I should write something else.

So today, I will tell you a family fable, one that has been a longtime favorite of my mom. It has been recited by her every time my childhood is mentioned. I remember this incident more by her narrations, than in my real memory.

It happened when I was in class second. There was this girl who sat next to me. We were friends and we played a lot together. I remember two things about her, one that her name was written on her Tiffin box and second that she could pinch really hard. So we had a lot of fun those days; leaving the times she pinched me.

Once while playing a stupid game, she mentioned that she liked bangles. After that when I went to the market with my mom, I insisted that I have to buy bangles. Though somewhat confused, my mom agreed as she was used to my weird demands. I bought golden bangles, the one with stars on it.

Next day I went happily to school and gifted them to her. She was happy too and entire day we played with those golden bangles. But there had to come a twist.

After one day, she came back and returned me those bangles. She said with a flat face that her mom has asked her to return those. I do not remember if I was embarrassed to take them back, though I get embarassed everytime my mom recites this story.

In retrospect, I feel that was this was the beginning of my 'mis' encounters with the fairer sex. It has been an unending enigma. But whenever a girl throws a surprise at me, I can feel the tinge of taking those bangles back.

PS: Since you are reading this, I assume that you are a regular reader of my blog :). So I should tell you that that I am going on a long trek this time, courtesy LBSNAA and my next blog will come nearly after a fortnight. And yes, cadres have come and mine is West Bengal.


Anonymous said...

hey anurag,

congrats for comin 2 WB,babumoshai!just a small tip, be loyal & u will be rewarded!... and liked ur blog... girls will always remain as an enigma!

Hari said...

Hi Anurag,

I think u r mother was too generous to yield to u r demand for golden bangles at that age. And yes girls will always remain enigmatic – not only the age of two but even at the age of twenty.

Well I don’t think West Bengal is not the cadre too much resented by many aspirants and neither is it preferred one ( of course cadre perceptions are relative and subjective) . I think it falls midway. Would like to have u r take on it if only u r willing :)

We also be waiting for u r accout on u r encounters with leeches.

Anurag Srivastava said...

@joydeep: Thanks, but loyal to whom? I hope its loyalty to nation ans not loyalty to CPM :P

@Hari: I hope you understood that they were 'golden' bangles and not gold bangles, just a kind kids are attracted to :)

I was mentally prepared to go anywhere so I am happy in West Bengal. I know its 'thought' to be a medium cadre, neither good nor bad. Apart from it I love Bengali culture, courtesy Sharatchandra classics, so I am glad I am going there.

Saagar said...

The pinching part of it reminded me someone from my fourth standard.. Anyways Good luck in West Bengal Anurag..

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

hahahaha! well said buddy... u understood what i wanted to say b2wn the lines.... come here and will definately appreciate my views within a couple of months.... but wb is a nice place....dont want to dampen ur spirits... but while remaining in the govt, u cant criticise its policies even if u dont like it!.. u can call it a type of "professional hazard"! and regarding ur incident, i had experinced a similar incident while i was in the 5th standard... tht girl is married to someone else now!... lol!

Chandana said...

I'd rate this as one the cutest stories(narrations) ever!

Rahul said...

hehe.. I had a similar story ..
when i was a kid . just about the same age . there was this girl .. one of my neighbours .. we played together .. and one day i was watching some crap bollywood drama and uttered something about that girl

and became a laughing stock of the town.. I dont rem exactly but still some people who met me in childhood keep on reminding me of the embarrassment ..

Some years ago that poor girl just left this world.. I felt very sad at the loss of one of the oldest friends .. :(

Life continues , and I am not unlucky as regarding females :)

Rahul said...

congrats .. WB is a good cadre..
have fun :)
Bengali gals are good :P

Anonymous said...

Managed to read your blog for the first time today. Read 90% of the posts.

Wish you good luck sir. I hope you make some difference.


Anurag Srivastava said...

@Saagar: When so many others had same experiences, I feel I am 'normal' :) and thanks for the good luck

@Joydeep: I have heard a lot about all this, but I am keeping my fingers crossed and looking forward to come there. And yes, I do not know what happened to that girl :P

@Chandana : As usual, thanks a lot for your appreciation

@Rahul: Thanks a lot dude, and how are your preparationa going. By the way many dont share your view that Wb is a good cadre but I am OK with it.

@Praveen: Thanks a lot dost, I will try to do good work.

Praveen said...

If you don't mind and have few free minutes can you please buzz me at :-)

Rahul said...

@Anurag , preps are just a bit slow .. placement seasons on.. lots of other work also holding me back ..
will catch up .. I look for positives and you also do the same .. so u know u will enjoy it.. no matter what people say

darius said...

hey, the Who's who of any help??? No news from you in a long while..

darius said...

hey, the Who's who of any help??? No news from you in a long while..

Anurag Srivastava said...

@Darius: Friend I 'think' I have given up, dint focus much on whos who. I have committed mistake once, so now I dont want to take any chance in claiming that someone is you.

Now its your dicretion to come forward or not :)