Monday, October 01, 2007

A Journey worth Lifetime

The weather was bad from some days. But we had to start at 6 in the morning. The previous night was cold, and if you slept in a tent in your sleeping bags, you can actually feel how painful cold can be.

After walking for an hour, heavy rains came. The wind made sure that none of us could escape being wet or having a taste of the low temperature that may have been just above zero. When you are in such a situation and the destination is still ten hours away you realize what difficulties in life can be.

It was tough and we walked for ten hours in continuous rains in a steep uphill terrain. That day we realized that human endurance is much more than we believe it to be and one has to go out of his comfort zones to discover his limits. It’s the mental strength that matters more than physical.

So friends I am back from the trek, again alive and well, albeit 2 Kg. less and somewhat darker by sunburns. How do I describe my trek; …………well I can find no words for it. Let me take help of pictures.

In a village midway

Inside the Tent

Just a pose

Trying hands at meditation

We walked for nearly 140 Km in 7 days. Everyday the team started early in the morning and kept walking for entire day. It was demanding, it was tiring but yes it was enjoyable. Many things happened for the first time in my life. I saw ice on mountains and I felt the chilling water of stream coming direct from glacier. For the first time in my life, I was above a rainbow.

A Rainbow below us

Crossed many streams like this

Swargarohini Peak

The valleys we walked in

The entire team

Landslide area

And what did we learn during trek. That nothing should be taken for granted in life, even bathrooms, in literal sense. I made many records and one was how to keep going without taking a bath for 4 days in a row, actually there was no option to.

For nine days, we craved for good food, electricity, beds, and leave mobile phones we craved for just one PCO to send message back home. But we enjoyed a lot too. The first night began with cards and a game of bluff. It gave way to ghost stories and plank chit, the effect of which was intense courtesy the lone forest guest house in a dense jungle. After that we had rounds of palmistry. In the end it went on to match making and ensuring that all team members get a bride or groom.

You tend to become philosophical in difficulties. Trek looked very promising in the beginning but it was full of obstacles. The same is with life. We are enthusiastic when we begin but during the journey, life becomes difficult and far from the dreams. But when you look back with hindsight, you say both look good.

I realized once again that I loved my family, I loved my friends. I missed making just one call to them to say that I am well, to hear the same from them.

So the experience cannot be termed being good or bad,its beyond words. I have more memories of last nine days than I have of last nine months. I enjoyed it but if you ask if I want to go for it again, my reply is no, at least for now. It was a kind of experience that one may want only once.

To put in simpler terms, it was a journey worth lifetime.

Faces after nine days of trek


Praveen said...

glad that you are fine after all that.

reminds me..

“Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off the goal.” -- unknown

Hari said...

Hi Anurag,
Nice to read about u r experiences. Rarely one gets an opportunity to go through such varied emotions and experiences – u realize how valuable life is, how important near and dear and friends are. Beside u had some never before encounters with glaciers, snow etc.
Experiences apart , I think u r physically tired and exhausted. I hope u will become normal soon.

Chandana said...

Anurag the pictures r small...can't view them...

Anurag Srivastava said...

@praveen: well said.

@Hari: I think I have rested a lot after trek, but yes there is fatigue, I think this will be over soon.

@Chandana: Corrected them

Rahul said...

reminds me of lots of things ..
keep sharing stuff..


P.S I have seen the girl in the front right in the last pic, but dont know where.. Is She Vaishali? I saw her at Samkalp I guess.. not sure.. ;)

Anurag Srivastava said...

@Rahul: Either you have a terrific memory or Vaishali is very popular; you are correct :P

Rahul said...

Photographic memeory .. lol ;)