Thursday, October 11, 2007


I cannot resist this anymore, so here is this blog.

There are things that I want to share but they will not fit into anything specific. Why always look for order when chaos can be equally beautiful. So I decided to dedicate one blog to my unspecific, yet according to me interesting thoughts.

The first thing is about Catch-22. Not exactly the novel, but the phrase. Look around and nearly all the time we are in Catch-22 situations. I will give you examples.

One of my close friends said that each one in our friend circle is simple and good at heart. So they will be perfect for their girlfriends. But since all of us are simple and good at heart; almost no one has a girlfriend. A perfect Catch-22 situation.

Another one is about the LBS academy. The faculty here wants us to be frank and open in discussions. But they also want our behavior to be officer like. So anything that is ‘frank and open’ can be dubbed as unofficerlike and vice versa. I bet bureaucracy will have maximum Catch-22 situations.

Now I want to share something else. I know I look ‘almost’ alright or I like to believe this. The truth is I do not see mirror quite often. But when I have to get my haircut, I am made to stare in the mirror for complete 15 minutes. I keep on saying to myself ‘Gosh! you are not good’. The image in the mirror looks to be a stranger and those 15 minutes look like a lifetime.

I feel like this ghazal ‘Mere desh me, mere bhes me, koi aur tha, koi aur hai’ (In my land, in my dress up, there was someone else, there is someone else).

And to end this something that amazed me, a sort of discourse on God. Let us assume that God exists and since he is God he is omnipotent. As he is omnipotent, he should be able to do everything in this world.

Now can he create a stone which he cannot lift? If no, then he is not omnipotent hence not God. If yes, then since he cannot lift the stone he is not omnipotent hence not God. Well no conclusions from my side……..

In case you now want a statement from me now about my religious beliefs, I am somewhat between an agnostic and a theist.

PS: The ‘adventure’ at LBSNAA continues. After having rock climbing this weekend, we are going for River rafting and Para-sailing on the coming sat-sun, though I reserve my take on my interest in adventure :)


Hari said...

Guys who are simple and good at heart cannot have girlfriends. Anurag I think u should be clear about whether this statement is limited to life at LBSNAA or life outside it.

If it is for life at LBSNAA, few girls who got into campus should also be simple and good at heart. So they should also be thinking that it is the reason why they can’t have boyfriends. They too should be finding themselves in the same situation.

If it is (statement) for life for outside the campus also, u should tell us whether u qualify for it. And certainly this isn’t because u aren’t simple and good at heart. Certainly u r . But the second part of the statement -------?
Well I think u should bring some clarity. No no u have already cleared it in many of u r blogs. :)

Anurag Srivastava said...

@hari: Let me put it this way. My friends are more simple and more good at heart than me, so you see :)

Its perhaps inversely related to being good. I somehow managed just at the threshold.

And yes, I cannot say anything for girls as rules of the game are entirely different for them. We mostly live in starvation whereas they keep on seeing male dance everyday :))

Praveen said...

Nice template... pleasing :-)

and yes... Guys who are simple and good at heart cannot have girlfriends. add me to that list ;-)

Cosmic Voices said...

Can the guys who do not have girlfriends be termed as "simple" and "good at heart"? If so, count me in.

As far as your looks are concerned, why not have an email poll on the lbsnaa mail asking all OTs to respond on how you look? I am sure you will win with a handsome (pun unintended) margin from the Kaveri residents.

Anurag Srivastava said...

@Praveen: Thanks, I had to search a lot to dig this out, and yes welcome to the club :)

@Cosmic Voices: That really had pun intended. I have no doubts about myself so no poll needed :)

Praveen said...

A colleague of mine at last night dinner said to me that having a girl friend has much to do with our priorities rather than being simple...

he is in his thirties now and had few gf's in his days ;-) and yet he thinks he's simple.

so there is some disagreement on the theory of simplicity.. :-))

finally i think guys who are simple and good at heart have better priorities ;-)

Anurag Srivastava said...

@Praveen: See the truth is, most of us in my friends circles are without girlfriends. So isn't it good to believe that since we are simple, we dont have one rather than believing that we are worthless. Why try to build general theories.Also another word for simple may be ordinary, and why a girl would go with an ordinary guy :)

Ever heard this:

Humko maloom hai jannat ki haqeeqat lekin,
Dil ke khush rakhne ko, ghalib ye khayal accha hai

vikram singh said...

Well I too have read the "Catch-22". But its here that I have got the Gitasar of it....really amazing examples of the situation.

ARUN said...
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ARUN said...

My Dear Anurag Sir ,

Your rhetoric example of " Catch 22 Situation " regarding God & the stone is quite interesting & humorous i must admit , yet may i say , it's only because we are seeing from a materialistic point of view ,that we are being able to see the God as the omnipotent God & the stone as just a mere heavy stone . But if we can get over this materialistic viewpoint & invoke some of that so called ' cosmic consciousness',i'm sure, the realization will come that the God is God , but the stone is also The God .

Yours very sincerely and respectfully ,
Arunava Dey