Monday, February 18, 2008

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Lest I cause any delay in writing a blog (having alibi of completing report backlogs), I should tell you all that I am back from my Bharat Darshan, and back same as I was………….almost.

I am safely back from the Naxal battlefield of Dantewada, from the machine gun firings on INS Kulish at Vishakhapatnam and back mesmerised from the SHG’s magic of Rajamundry.

I also happen to be back from the blasting mines of Singareni coalfields and the hitech city and changing face of India, Hyderabad.

Then I roamed in Bangalore, in Chitradurga and missed Hampi by a whisker. From there I touched the sand of Mariana beach in Chennai and got amazed by the beauty of Mahabalipuram.

Not to leave islands of India, I went to Andamans and floated on the absolutely clear waters of Havelock beach.

To match the distances of Andamans, I went to Assam and then to Arunanchal Pradesh, with the 2nd mountain Division of Army. Having almost completed my trip, I went to the Kaziranga National Park and spotted wildlife before returning to Delhi.

After all this I am back and back with a lot of stories…. or tales to tell, and that I shall tell in detail. So keep reading.

Are you still thinking why I wrote “I am back ‘almost’ same”?
Forgot to tell, got engaged on 10th feb :)


Hari said...

Hi Anurag happy to see u back.
Keep going.

Will certainly be waitng for u r posts on various issues/things/tales from u r side.

Also more happy and bit sad on getting to read that u got engaged:). Happy because i feel good things are pouring in to ur life i.e professional success at quite an young age and now personal success ( u know by what).
And bit sad because i think u would also be missing bachelor life:)

Anyways, my best wishes r with u.

Anurag Srivastava said...

Hi Hari,
Happy to see you too and thanks a lot for the wishes.

Anyways there is a long time for me getting married, so I still have some free days left :)

vyas's blogs said...
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vyas's blogs said...

sir, I am pursuing my from MMM.Engg. college(from where Mr. anurag tiwari {air-24}one of your friend belongs to).
sir,i m also a firm believer of cracking cse in first attempt itself if proper guidance and commitment is there.sir i believe of doing well in humanities.moreover i have taken 2 mths geography classes in ensemble during my summer training at ntpc-dadri in third year.sir i have decided to have geography and phychology as my optionals subject.i have decided to stay in delhi(karol bagh)where ensemble(geo)vaziram(gs)mukul pathak(phy) are at the same place ,after final year from june.sir i need your guidance how to handle gs and optionals in efficient way.regarding 2nd optional(phy)how to handle it so that i can do well in mains ,preparing it(taking classes) before prelims or after prelims.sir,i need your valuable and experinced suggestion so that i can utilize my time and energy in proper and fruitful way.sir i request u to give me suggastion and guidance so that i can plan my own strategy utilizing my time and energy in proper way .thanking u for your kind support

Shailesh said...

Congratulations on successful utilisation of time(both during bharat darshan & afterwards)!!

Nice to see ur post, though it seems that the humour is "almost" the same!

Cosmic Voices said...

You left out the most important attachment ....... tea at my home ;-)

Anurag Srivastava said...

@vyas's blog: Since you see my blog, I think you might also have seen my blog about the civils, if you have not see them. If anyhing else remains you can mail me at

There are no rules, but its preferable to do second optional before prelims so that you can get time.

@shailesh: I hope my humour remains 'almost' the same even after marriage :)

@cosmic voices: Pardon me sir for the slip. I hope you shall again invite me soon and I assure you that it will make a complete blog :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Anurag, have been following your blogs since months! when i read about your chitradurga visit i couldnt stop myself from posting a comment. Its my hometown and i have visited it just once as no one lives there now.I will be giving my first attempt this may. Hope all turns out good and i get a chance to visit my hometown in bharat darshan!!
Your blogs are real motivators especially for aspirants like me.


Vijay said...

Hi anurag,

'Sorry' - because my comment has no relevance to your post. I have a query regarding civil services preparation. Am aspiring for UPSC-2009. As a part of my strategy, am planning to study MAINS course material from Rau's IAS/ any other institute, for the next four months. It would be of great help if you can advise whether it is a right approach.
A reply will be highly appreciated. Thanks

dilaawez said...

Hi Anuraag,
This is the Very first time i am reading your BLOGs coz on the first instance they seems interesting, with simple english having no grammatical Jargon (i don'n know from where you are but you must be from one of the southernstates of india your writing style depicts this)
BUT after reading some of your blogs i have noticed that you write about those things only which relates to you in one or the other way.I didn't noticed any blog on international matters, matters which are purely political.