Friday, February 22, 2008

The Proposal

He never was the 'romantic types'. Love was something that just happened, like most other things in his life. But the problem being in love is, there is another party and that too may have expectations.

So his girlfriend had some expectations that were imported from foreign lands. She kept on saying “You have not proposed me yet”. This is what happens when there are number of diamond advertisements with men putting the ring in the drink on a candlelight dinner. I bet in real life girl would have gulped the ring and then both would have proceeded to see a doctor.

Long years ago he had somehow uttered “I love you” and that was pretty traumatic in itself. But then this is how life is. One cannot keep on hearing the taunts for whole life. So he decided that he shall propose her, formally.

After Herculean efforts in shopping he managed to buy the ring. The plan was that he will get a lot of flowers, some chocolates and candles. The decided venue was the roof of her house on which he shall propose her with candles and chocolates among the red roses. He also wrote a sentimental poem (which she still claims was a speech) for the event.

The fateful day came and his preparations were perfect. He rang her and told that he will come to meet her in the late evening so that she too returns late from her office, those being her busy days. This would have given him time for preparations.

He reached her house along with fall the paraphernalia. The big items were promptly hidden on the stairs. Then he rang to reconfirm when she was coming.

And then it all began. He could hear the ring tone very loudly. He realized it was ringing from just down the stairs. When he turned back he saw her coming back with her big smile. He almost panicked and rushed outside citing an excuse to hide the flowers and candles on the roof. When he went there, the roof was locked !

He took a deep breadth and came down. There he found her jumping and eating the bunch of chocolates which he forgot to hide. She was so happy discovering the chocolates.

He decided now to do away with candles too and salvage whatever was left of his plan. He brought the bouquet of roses and called her in the balcony. She was surprised by his nervousness. And then he began his poem/speech. It took her time to realize that he was ‘formally’ proposing her.

After one paragraph he forgot his lines, thought for a while and anyhow completed it. And then he came on his knees to present the ring. She was so shocked that she also sat on the floor. Under great confusion he gave her the ring, difficultly uttered “Will you marry me?” and completed the proceedings. She promptly accepted and hugged him. Then she cried for a second and laughed for an hour.

And after that he decided he will never propose anyone again.


Shailesh said...


One can try to copy the itenary except the poem part :)

And he decided not to propose anyone again--- was it due to the cost on exchequer!!!! :)Anyways but one wud really lone to bear it, isnt it??

Anonymous said...

Hey Anurag!
Have been a reader of your blog for a while :).. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Chandana said...

Can't believe u've evolved so much as a writer.... I shared the laugh wth her almost...truly one of the cutest proposals ever! Love n life tht cms along wth are sths u 've to wrk for too... things dun just happen we go to realise the truth of life :)!!! U were right...I liked the post a lot..shall preserve it!

Hari said...

Truly a masterpiece.

Loved the sentence 'she cried for a second and laughed for an hour.'

Cosmic Voices said...

"And he decided not to propose anyone again"

Because he was accepted.....right?

Anyways, I appreciate your ability to publicly laugh at yourself ;-)

Anurag Srivastava said...

@shailesh: I dont think it will be a good idea to copy this.

Thats only part of the answer. There are some intangible costs in proposing, so one cannot afford them many times :)

@anonymous: Thanks a lot for the wishes.

@chandana: I hope I have evolved in the right direction :)

Though we have to strive for things, but when we look back it appears that they just happened.

@Hari: Thanks a lot.

@cosmic voices: I read somewhere 'My way of humour is to tell the truth'

Isn't it better to make others laugh by laughing at ourselves rather than making fun of others :)

sumit said...


sumit said...

i can imagine :) hahhahha

Pilani Pictures said...

hey dude!! thats lovely.
I too fell in love with the line "she cried for a second and laughed for an hour".
and congrats!

Anonymous said...

"she cried for a second and laughed for an hour".
"And he decided not to propose anyone again"
--- excellent! and that itself shows why u got 140+ in essay. Anyway congratulations!

Anonymous said...


I am K.Karthikeyan. Nice post. I read your other posts too. They were excellent.

I am appearing for CSE 2008 but my preparations are not up to the level. I have appleid for CSE 2008 but if I did not appear in the prelims, will it be taken as an attempt?


Saagar said...

Nice Anurag, Congratulations, formal proposing is something I would both want and not want to do. I am glad you finally gathered your courage to do it :)

Anonymous said...

amazing dude!... u rock!!

Anurag Srivastava said...

@sumit: you too brutus, you are also laughing

@pilani pictures: thanks a lot dost. So how are you managing blogging in Rajendra Nagar :)

@anonymous: Thanks a lot. I am happy my blog justifies my marks, UPSC must pay me as I am reinstating its credentials :P

@Kartikeyan: No, if a person does not appear in prelims, attempt is not counted.

@saagar: I wanted to it once and for all, not to hear anything after marriage :)

@joy: I think those who rock don't blog. Those who dont take refuge in blogging. :)

Vikash Shahwal said...

Awesome narration....
"And after that he decided he will never propose anyone again."
There is a correction....
Actually he cant propose anyone else ever again :P

freshblossoms said...

ur write ups are really amazing.. just chanced upon your blog n enjoying it thoroughly.. cute proposal...

pl keep writing.. hope to see ur new posts!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work Anurag.. loved the last line... truth is, defines many of us...:)