Monday, March 24, 2008

And this is how it began

Hope is a good thing, and no good thing ever dies. Looking back, he can say that it is true.

It was a perfect case of love at first sight. Angel was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen and this was the reason sufficient to fall in love. Though his previous ‘first sight loves’ proved to be a disaster, he still had hope. With full faith in his abilities, he decided to make a strategy to win over Angel.

The plan of action was to take help of Sandhya. Oh yes, I haven’t told you about Sandhya. She was the bubbliest girl in the class and had a horde of friends. Her laughter could be heard from a mile and everybody liked her. Incidentally she was also the best friend of Angel.

So he befriended Sandhya and soon started talking to her for hours. In a way they became the best of pals and he was awed by her ability to look deep into his heart. She could castigate him severely and still pamper him as a child. Their ease with each other was natural her company was a real bliss. Thus time passed and passed and days went and went.

Our protagonist was living a happy life when murmurings started in his brain “Actually Sandhya is the right girl for you”. Once again he discovered his true love; and this time he decided to tell her all. But loving a girl is one thing, and telling her that another.

That day as usual, she rang him and their long conversations began. They talked about their childhood, they talked about their friends. He again told her about his crushes and then he told her why Angel was not a right choice for him. That is when it happened.

She asked him bluntly, who was the new girl he had started liking. At times, it requires all the effort in the world to utter few words. He was taken aback, found it hard to breathe but he mustered all his courage to utter “YOU”.

Suddenly he saw stars in front of his eyes and before she could give any reply, he banged the receiver down. This was one of the few times in his life when he felt foolish. First he told her about his previous crushes; then he discussed about Angel and after telling all that he said he actually liked her. What a proposal it had been!

Next few days were filled with melancholy. He was too scared to go to school, so he kept bunking it. He started appreciating Ghazals; and felt all of them applicable to his life. Without being formally rejected, he felt being one. In a way, life seemed all right but everything is not that voluntary. Soon his mother forced him to go back to the school.

He did not know how to behave, so he acquired a permanent sad and hurt look. He rarely talked to Sandhya and continued behaving bizarre. When it became quite uncomfortable, she came and said “Can’t we just be friends?”

Well he agreed; actually he had to. The story remained in the same phase for quite some time. The strange thing was that he still had hope!


K.Karthikeyan said...

Looks like a true story.
From the style of writing I infer that one who experienced can write like this ;)

Saagar said...

And then what happened? Is there a part 2 for the story :)

Hari said...

And we know what happened next thanks to the blogs 'The Date' and 'The Proposal'.

But it would be interesting to see how u put details in words :)

Btwn why a sudden break to Bharat Darshan chronicles ?

Anurag Srivastava said...

@kartik: No comments :)

@saagar: Part 2 is there, but I think it is still continuing ;)

@hari: I wrote only about 5 days and it took 2 complete blogs. So I thought I cannot continue with Bharat Darshan. I shall off and on write about it.

CrEaTiVe WrItEr said...

oh no! please do not stop the chronicles. The articles on your blog are good, yet bharat darshan was the bets of all. As an ias aspirant, i keep checking your blogs once every two days only for the chronicle. it is alrite if 5 days takes many pages. they are very very very interesting and you weave them real good. i am waiting for the chitradurga part and the andamans too. i am sure other aspirants here will agree with me.