Friday, March 28, 2008


Today I will tell you the secret of successful blogging, if you do not have anything to write, write anything. In other words I want to say that I have nothing specific to write so I will write LBSNAA times….

Disappointment galores:

The report of Pay commission is out and media got it completely wrong, we have no such desire of jumping from the roof. Do you remember bold headlines, 40% hike for babus, of yes a good 40%. But did anyone forget to mention, hike is only in the basic pay. The real hike may not be more than four thousand rupees a month and the recommendations shall stay for next ten years. There is a feeling that in government, honesty is penalized. Previously we were having peanuts, now the honorable pay commission may enable us to eat groundnuts, indeed a qualitative improvement!

By the way, I just love news channels screaming, Holi bonanza for babus, showing money raining in offices and Newspapers asking SMS’s from their worthy readers if any hike in salary for civil servants justified. For a long time, I was missing a good comedy show.

A Learning Experience:

We are learning horse riding and I must tell you, horse riding is a real learning experience. By just sitting on horseback we learn to worship the person who invented the automobiles. We never even felt before how comfortable it was to enter a car, have a smooth ride and stop it as per our wish. Horses are ‘almost’ the same, just a few probability issues here and there.

And trust me horses are real fun too. It is funny to see, yes see (and not feel) a probationer kissing the ground when horse revolts thinking how can LBSNAA make a donkey ride a horse.

Inservice Jokes:

An auditor from Indian Audit and Accounts Service (IAAS) audits an IAS and tells him that his working style conforms to the full form of his service, IAS= I am Safe. The IAS replies that you too exhibit the traits of your service, IAAS= I am absolutely safe.

What do you call the mess of Intelligence Bureau; An Intelligence Mess.

My Great Discovery:

Serendipity is the effect by which one accidentally discovers something fortunate. During Bharat Darshan we were having a lecture by a private organization. While explaining about Corporate Social Resposibilty, they elaborately told us how much they have done for the differently abled kids and they also added that they have opened many 'mentally retarded schools'. Oh I shouted Eureca!

I discovered the truth why I write such stupid blogs and moreover you read it. All of us studied in mentally retarded schools which told us what is right rather than allowing us to discover the truth. By the way, professional academies are not very different!


Ashish said...

Hi Anurag,
Well I hope the 'Groundnuts' coupled with the desire to serve keeps you going for years to come...before you start to feel the pinch ;-) !!

And as far as 'horse riding' is concerned...I am sure it would be a wonderful experience...leave apart the freakish aspects...and surely much better and 'lively' than driving a sedan...I think the key to horse riding is 'mutual respect' ;-)

Love reading your blog...and occasionally commenting...keep up the good work!!

Pilani Pictures said...

hey Anurag.. well said! (abt the pay comsn) :)
Abt horse riding - i really don't why the colonial legacy is still being continued. Total junk!

Anurag Srivastava said...

@ashish: I hope so, anyways bureaucrats have to be thick skinned ;)

Fooling UPSC is easy than fooling a horse, so mutual respect is not that easy, anyways I shall try that :)

@pilani pictures: Sad part is we have to live with the recommendations for next ten years...

Since they think IAS as a colonial legacy, I think they wont excuse the horse riding part :)

beth said...

Hi Anurag,
Congrats on making it through CSE.
Anyways i am just writing to say a big thank you. i came upon ur blog quite most of the humourous ones and had a good laugh.Havent laughed so much in a long time.
so thank you.

Cosmic Voices said...

I thought the hike from 17k to 25830 is more than 40%.

More than Pay Commission, it is your mess which is the cause of your financial misery.

Hari said...

Hi Anurag,
well said.
But i think u are not only being penalised for u r honesty but for u r virtues as well. :)
Because neither u r going to enter into CBM ( cadre based marriage to augment u r honest income) nor entering into a marriage alliance with a family of an industrialist or big business man which would have made money a non entity in u r life.:)
I don't know about north india but down in south india civil servants are in great demand.
U would be surprised to know that one of ur batchmeet who is IPS has been offered a dowry of Rs five crore.

Anurag Srivastava said...

@beth: I am happy that my humour is working :)

@cosmic voices: The Dharma of a civil servant is to criticise tha Pay commission, you are forgetting that ;)

Anyways, I wish that the figure you are telling is true, but that has DA of 2 years, reduce that and take 10% of PF, so it shall be around 21k in hand. Anyways I will accept an IRS's final word on the matter :)

@Hari: I a not surprised at the figure. thats the rate, but it comes with a liability ;)

I am happy that these are taken to be my virtues, but I would have been never comfortable in doing otherwise, so in a way I had no choice. You know na 'There are some things money cant buy' :)

Hari said...

I agree with u . :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Anurag,
Your blogs are very nice & inspiring...

Keep writing more good stuff about your experiences in civil services!


Saumitr said...

hello sir,
i read all ur blog entries in one go till 3 am. I enjoyed all d diffrnt topics u wrote about. Being a civil service aspirant myself d info given in d blog ws very helpful.Just 2 qstns:-
1. why is d obsession with d word euphemism :D ?
2. where did u take coaching ?
I also lvd d "interview" blog entry. it provided very helpful insight. thanx a lot. Keep writing.

Anonymous said...

You are just rocking!/.whole lotta love to ur blog.. JAI HIND.