Friday, April 18, 2008

Do We Lack Brain?

Watched ‘Shourya’ on this weekend featuring Rahul Bose, Minishaa Lamba and KK Menon. There are movies that are bad and there are movies that are more than bad. You are disgusted not only while watching them, but they also disturb your calm for coming few days. Shourya is that kind of movie.

Its biggest crime is that it is a ‘bad copy’ of ‘A Few Good Men’. Copying is not good but making a bad copy is obnoxious. Mr. Moviemaker copied and did not do even that job well. First of all they made a complete mess of the story. The accused maintains a constipated face all the time and rarely speaks to enlighten the audience what has happened. Before you make any sense, the intermission comes and you wonder when the movie shall begin. And as soon as it begins, it ends!

There is no case and it is also not solved. You may say that it is also not a movie. Oh yes there some outpours from Rahul Bose and some from KK. Perhaps the reason is that producers vaguely remembered something similar in A Few Good Men. Now Bollywood walas do not have good English, so you cannot blame them from not copying the content. They brought our most clichéd outpour, religious hatred. And bingo, the case is solved, accused not guilty………… Wait a minute, was the case about a murder or communalism?

Now let us come to the actors. Rahul Bose speaks much more than required. He is a bad imitation of carefree Tom Cruise. Minishaa Lamba is there because of the dictum ‘A bollywood movie must have a female lead’. KK is OK because he comes for a small time, so he does not have time to spoil his role.

I feel that they decided to make a copy, and then add bollywood masala to it. So they added songs, added a beautiful female but forgot to write role for her, and decided to bring comedy by Rahul Bose’s foolish jokes. To help the audience in remembering the name of the movie, the characters repeat word ‘Shourya’ in their each second dialogue.

I am disappointed because movie is actually meant for the niche or the multiplex audiences. There also did the producers feel that viewers will not be able to appreciate a solid case. You can neither close your mind thinking it to be ‘David Dhawan genre’, nor can allow it any work as it will lead to only questions, not answers.

It not only is a bad movie but it also brings a bad name to the army. The blame of communalism scars the biggest reputation of the army, that is secularism. To add to the confusion, in the end they show various news reports of human right violations by the Indian army.

Why can’t Bollywood produce one good flawless movie? I rephrase, Can’t Bollywood produce one good flawless copy?

I seriously wonder that do we lack brain.


Saagar said...

What on earth prompted you to go to Shourya :) And by the way, there are lots of reviews available online you see :)

Pilani Pictures said...

oh..looking at the posters i thot it was a fine film! ( i think many more get cheated like me regularly ;)

Prabha said...

'FEW GOOD MEN' is my favourite movie. I watched it around 5-6 times! I will kill those who plagiarise my fav movie..that too they have done it badly! ;-)

Vidisha said...

Go for a thorough review of a movie before watching...coz Indian movies nowadys rarer than rarely have substantial things, may be 1 in a decade so u may often end up being cheated.

Anurag Srivastava said...

@saagar: At times in a moment comes in life hen you can do nothing but go and watch a movie in a multiplex :)

I was mislead by the starcast

@pilani pictures: exactly, it also cheated my by showing good posters

@prabha: Please do it, and kill them from my side too :)

@vidisha: i think i should do that, but men make mistakes. They may learn from it too :)

तुषार वर्मा said...

brain..maybe...but definitely originality and maturity. do watch a movie called proof and you'll know why we can never make movies like tht.

K.Karthikeyan said...

It is people like us who decide the brains of the directors, producers, actors, etc. Only few people are willing to see a decent movie which has a message others are more towards 'masala' movie where they need a song, fight, punch dialogs from their favorite hero and absolutely no message to the society. Though some good movies are released, the targeted 'class A' people watch them in CDs. Thats why the directors focus more on class B people and take a 'masala' film.

I don't about Hindi films but at least this is the case in Tamil. I thought Hindi films are better than Tamil films.

BTW did you notice my comment in your previous post?!

Anurag Srivastava said...

@tushar: I will see that movie. Keep recommending good movies, its better than trying a movie like Shaurya :)

@Kartik: I do not completely agree that there is a lack of mature audience. It has more to do with lack of initiate or spirit of breaking from age old formulas on part of producers. A good number of people appreciate English flicks and when India is shining I think bollywood should also shine :)

I saw your comment. There is a problem in posting pictures. One that I do not have a good pictures collection, I bought my digicam just few days back and photos I have are taken by others. Second
it takes time to upload pics and I have dearth of it. Third and probably the most important, I feel just text leaves a good space for the reader to imagine and visit the places himself. If I put pictures 'my' presence increases and that may not be very good.

K.Karthikeyan said...

'Lack of mature audience' - I haven't seen one film till now which is very much real and which has a 'practically possible' screenplay. I watched Rang De Basanti, Chak De but whether those things are practically possible. I accept 'Taare Zamin Par' is very much real but again Aamir Khaan's heroism is seen in few scenes.

'The Matrix' - it is a hit but when an Indian tries to take a film like that the responses will be negative. People are there who always praise English films and criticize their own language movies.

People who have watched 'Spider man' and 'Super man' criticize 'Krrish' :)

We have a mind set that if it is hindi film it should be like this and if it is tamil it should be like that and if any movie deviate from this norm, it may result in flop.

All award winning movies are not commercially hit