Thursday, April 24, 2008

Of A Love, and A Story

“It will go away” Abhishek said as if feeling the pain of Shivangi himself. His expressions were of a scared child; or that of a hesitant liar. Three days back, Shivangi, his wife had fallen from the stairs. There was only a minor injury in the back but the pain had lingered.

Abhishek had known Shivangi for years. Theirs was the kind of relationship that others call ‘made for each other’ types. They fell in love while in school, went ahead to make their careers, and then got married.

Shivangi quickly controlled her tears, listening to Abhishek’s pleading. She was more concerned about his panic than her own pain. He was still a teenager for her; a stubborn teenager who loved her. He could never see her suffer, he could never see her cry. Her tears made him restless; always………. ‘almost all ways’. So much had changed but Abhishek never grew up.

She quickly took bath and got dressed up in her best to show him that she was fine. After a long time she saw him carefree and she felt the same love she felt for him ten years ago. Thoughts wandered taking her to the marriage and then she remembered Abhishek was her husband...... H U S B A N D

Every time the word sounded so strange!

Life after marriage was same. They were more of friends and the stereotyped ‘man and wife’ roles had not yet emerged. They still were Abhishek and Shivangi.

“You are not going to the office today, right?” Abhishek asked. Her thoughts were broken and she came back to the present. Her project’s deadline was coming near she was already behind schedule.

“I have to go today. The pain is subsiding and I think I shall manage” she announced. Abhishek was not too happy with that. He tried to convince her why she needed rest. It began from logic, then turned into an argument and then went on to become ‘cant you do this if I say? ’

But she decided to go. She went ahead not noticing the frown on his face, not choosing to notice the frown on his face. That day he did not give her a call in office. Some feel restless if they do not read the newspaper and some feel restless if they miss their tea. But for anyone in love, nothing creates more restlessness than not receiving a phone call from the lover.

So in the afternoon, she called. In the beginning he refused to speak. In next few calls there were pauses, long cryptic pauses. She now understood that she had miscalculated his anger. She came home worried, and somewhat concerned. She started with apologies and then she tried to cajole.

His outburst came naturally; something he never controlled. It began from her lack of care for herself. Then he screamed how less his words meant for her. And then the flow took its course. Corpses came out from the closet; the ‘once upon a time’ issues emerged. He reminded her of all her flaws, of all the wrong things she had done and of all the things that were not so good between them.

And then he stopped. There were tears in her eyes and they were more than her injury had caused in last three days. She was crying and he could see her suffer.

PS: Many people have asked me what happened next. The truth is I don’t know but if I have to guess, I will say they they lived (happily/sadly) ever after. But yes, they lived together :)


Saagar said...

A person's love is best measured when he is in anger. So often we take close ones for so granted, that we don't even realize we are hurting the loved ones!!
On a side note, the post lacked an ending !!

K.Karthikeyan said...

// Some feel restless if they do not read
// the newspaper and some feel restless if
// they miss their tea. But for anyone in
// love, nothing creates more restlessness
// than not receiving a phone call from
// the lover.

experience speaks!! :)

Ashish said...

Hi Anurag,

Nice post exploring the nuances of human behaviour...but had a somewhat abrupt ending...
Will reserve my judgment as to whether part of it was experience ;)!!


sanjeev said...

Hi Anurag!

Prabha said...

>>He was still a teenager for her;

Not just for her...this stmt is very true for every girl.
'The Man' becomes 'boy' infront of the ladylove...he sheds all his ego, puts down all the gaurds which he wears infront of the world. Infront of her, he is just a silly young boy who has lots of fears deep down inside and an innocent heart full of affection!

Pilani Pictures said...

:) Am not sure abt your present career..but you can be a great full-time writer dude!! Seriously.

I also liked Prabha's comment.

Anurag Srivastava said...

@saagar: I think the post cannot have an ending. Its more of an incident and I narrate the major part of it. Perhaps the confusion starts when I call it a story.

@Kartik: No comments :)

@ashish: My reply is same as to Saagar.

@Sanjeev: Thanks.

@Prabha: Agreed. You have worded the feeling beautifully :)

@Pilani Pictures: Thanks a lot :) I am happy that I can have a job if government throws me out ;)

Prabha said...

Did u mean the story in the video or the one you wrote? If it is about the one you wrote, what happened next?

My request - whatever might have happened, please make sure you end it in the +ve note, I cant take tragedies at all... :(

Tame me I am tired said...

so very realistic,

Jo doob jane ka dam rakh sakta hai wahi paar jane ka lutf bhi utha sakta hai.

I say so because i know a multiyear relationship ending for a reason as petty as color of your blue jeans. Surely you gave me a spark to write another story. Soon you will find it. Till the story freaks can enjoy this one...

JULIE said...

The worst mistake a girl can make is to be the wife of her boy friend. Never works out! Be the girl friend forever and life's beautiful!
Keep writing Anurag! We are reading.

Amol said...

Hey this is so realistic. Is this a true story ?


Anurag Srivastava said...

@Tame me I am tired : Till now I have not completely read the story, but I certainly will. Your Hindi is good :)

@Julie: Not a good advice to someone who is going to do the same in less than 2 months. I hope my fiance does not read your comment :)

@amol: Na re na na 50-50 Its fiction inspired from non fiction, the soul is same, only the body has changed

kiran said...

Great to see people pouring in their opinions....
I feel too inexperienced in these matters....
But,in a way i agree with Mrs.Julie Acharya(She has been there & done that),but if it see from a boys' point of view i have to agree with Anurag..
Boys will be Boys...
What do you say Anurag?

Anurag Srivastava said...

@kiran: Of course she has been there and done that, so there is a reason in putting weight to her opinion.

I do not know if boys will be boys but Anurag shall be Anurag :)

Sameera said...


Congratulations on the impending marriage!

Loved this incident, so very true:)

Experience speaking, I can see :)
Yep, the ending is abrupt, but works out fine still!

Prabha said...

Thats really great :) Congrats Anurag! May you have a wonderful life.

Though sort of felt the same way as Julie said, but somehow... ;-)