Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Another day as a tourist…

I get up at 6 AM in the morning. Take a bath, apply the deodorant, dress up merrily in formals and by 7 AM I am sitting in the cab that takes me to the usual tourist spot.

Why usual? Because, I go there everyday. No I am not an idiot or a maniac. I am being paid to be there everyday. Still clueless, I am talking about my office. It has been four months but still the feeling of being a tourist has not vanished. I stand there, at times staring at men, at times at machines. I am an engineer, a mechanical engineer, but a factory and its machines don’t interest me any more than a tourist would be interested in them.

Sometimes I talk to workers, to ‘know’ things. Whenever I had done it, I have regretted. I am sure they must also have guessed that my curiosity is nothing more than of a tourist. My boss is training me and he is sure I am doing fine…so my tourism continues

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