Sunday, October 16, 2005

Me, you and a stupid fellow

(another outcome of my idle time in office......)

Seeing the present consequences of the present world, I presently decided that the present need of the hour is to present a clear demarcation between you, me and the stupid fellow. You may question the authenticity of the question and why is it important to answer the question, but me does not care about the carings. Actually you and me both are interested in the stupid fellow. So how can it be demarcated that who is who. Me may be the stupid fellow or you may be the stupid fellow, but the point is that there is a stupid fellow.

In the land of darkness, there was a light. But since there was darkness, hence no one could see it. Not seeing it does not mean that there was no light. Everyone knew that there is light but light was needed to see it.

Millions cared for the millions and millions were cared by the millions, yet there were millions who did not care. And why should one care if he does not care?

So you must know by the proofs presented above, actually who are the stupid fellow. It is neither you nor me; it is the princess of Xanadu

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