Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Probably not the best thing to start with.....

Just finished reading ‘Catcher in the Rye’.

It really feels strange why we try to be ‘normal’. Why we cannot just be ourselves.
‘Phonies’ that is the word and world is full of them.
The price that we need to pay for living in this society is to follow the norms. No I am not complaining. It is custom I know, but accept it at least

Sometimes everything looks stupid, we live wearing masks. May be we are not able to recognize who really are.

Ever looked at mirror and wondered who the person in the image is? Try to recite your name, recite it slowly and think about the person

Have you ever felt the discomfort of silence, feeling of being lonely in a crowd.

Why we always need to fill companionship with words. Why the hell we need to smile, pretend to enjoy a conversation, ‘behave’. I want to come right in front of the face and say you are an idiot, can’t you remain silent, leave me alone…..or in American way; fuck off

Have you ever felt the fear of going to school, going to a party, fear of competing, fear of failure, fear of sympathy……. At times we all want to run away.

Don’t stare at me when I talk all this, I have still not gone mad.
Oh! this should not be talked. It is not normal.

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Easy Adoption said...

Hey! as a habit, I start with the first blog, and figured this to an honest note.. :)

too honest, to feel like what all real will come next. hmm.. reality is so intriguing.