Monday, April 17, 2006

An Obscure (love) story

(Help: HE= He, never pal
Pal= Pal and never He
I have been enough crticised for confusions, :-) )

It all happened in a day.

He loved her (as had been declared by him) and she (……perhaps) loved him….not yet declared. And then there was this ‘friendship’ clause. Formally.

It was compromise that they had reached some days before. He had proposed her and then he ran away, not asking her response, not letting her respond. When an awkward uneasiness entered their relationship, she came and said ‘Can’t we just be friends’. Just! No it was not at all just from his side, but they agreed.

There was another character in this plot. A pal of his, a pal of her. Both used to communicate through him as eyes were found incapable at times, mostly when there was that special (mis)understanding.

He had a problem, that a pal was meant only to communicate with her and nothing else and she had a problem that pal was a pal, and you need pals at times. Then there was this long gap when the pal went out, I mean out of city. She missed him because she missed a pal and he (not much) missed him because he missed the link of communication. He was (privately) enjoying it as she was talking to him more often and he wished to eliminate this loop of pal.

It was ok till she started longing for this pal and became sad and wished the pal would call him on phone. He was not perturbed by anything but strangely when she became sad, he became restless. So that day he decided to play Good Samaritan, called this pal, asked him to talk to her, not letting her know he asked for it.

She was really happy, happy at the special ‘bond’ she had with this pal, the pal ‘felt’ that she wanted to talk to the pal the pal called her. What a good coincidence. Of course she told him all this in detail, and how happy she was.

But he had again this problem. He was not perturbed by anything but strangely when she became happy (without any reason involving him), he became restless. So he decided to play Bad Samaritan and he told her that he had asked the pal to call her.

So it all had this (ugly) ending. Both of them never talked about it later. You may not call it ending.

The ‘friendship’ clause was removed after some days.

The pal remained a pal.


Ankur said...

I had to read it three times to understrand it completely. It is not just simple! It is touching though..

Anurag Srivastava said...

I have been told that the story was my worst written blog, you guess from whom :-)

chetan said...

good writers are often not good autobiographers :-)

Anonymous said...

lol.... ya not ur best..... to put it mildly :D

Anurag said...

now I know why one should not (try to) write stories :-)

Anonymous said...

there must be some better stories definitely to talk about...try again...u might become a good autobiographer some day...go on.......

Anonymous said...

AM I RIGHT???????

Anurag said...

now I can tell all three in the plot have posted their comments :-)

aviral said...

honestly speaking its like ----- i have lived all this before .... so i wasant confused while reading it and yes i hope its not the end

aviral said...

i have more or less same experience like thiss

Anonymous said...

Hi Anurag.. The (Love)story is incredible.. can u plz tell me tht, is this a real one?