Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Stoic at will…..

I am perturbed. I know this phase will go and I will be back in chores of my daily life.

Today again I read about Jesicca case in newspaper. To add pain to my worried mind, there was the case of Priyadarshini Mattoo, raped and murdered. Her 68 year old father is still carrying on the fight in the case. The 'Judge' says that he is sure that the convict is guilty but he cannot do anything because of lack of 'evidence'. A lady is shot dead in Lucknow because she dared to protest against the lewd remarks of some goons. System turns out to be helpless because they are connected to party in power.

In Kanpur acid in thrown on a girl's face. The court finds no one guilty because her old father cannot 'pursue' the case as vigorously as the convict's family can. A person who dies lays in rest but a girl who has to see her face everyday in the mirror…..I have no words.

This is the price to be civilized. I praise the laws of Saudi Arabia where there is an eye for an eye. I am an animal. My heart will be at peace only when the person guilty goes through the same agony as the victim does. I imagine someone shooting the convict just outside the court as soon as he is declared 'innocent'.

How can anyone worship God, what will you tell the 68 year old man, the girl with a burnt face. Tell them that this was the punishment of sins of their earlier lives, or they will be repaid in their next birth.

Remain calm till you are not the victim and convince yourself by non existing logic. Lip service is all we can do.
I know I will forget everything soon till I read another case in newspaper. Then again I will get frustrated, curse the system, feel pity at my impotence and move on.

I am a stoic at will……..so you are.

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