Thursday, April 20, 2006

Don’t read it

(unless you are utterly idle)

Got it. There was a car, in the garden……..behind the bars, in the jargonized world, along with children’s emergency fund.

With hot boiling water and bread and sickle or something with senses and without reason with a blank…………….out of calm.

Another try, do it now, just now, just now, just now, already three times, this is four, okay you know how to count.

Furbishing this, with flamboyance, idiot you don’t even know the meanings of these.

Kya soch tha, koi matlab niklega iska (read the title again)


Anonymous said...

dont bother to write such a blog again...

Anurag said...

tell me why did you read it :-)

Anonymous said...

hey seriously, any idea who was this anonymous???????