Saturday, August 25, 2007

Alive and Kicking

I am back. If you were worried about me, I am alive(almost) and kicking(not literally). I reached LBS academy on 17th and since then I have entered the process of becoming a 'civil serant'. I know I have to tell you a lot but now I can claim to be busy, so forgive me for this unorganised blog.

Before I tell you more, I cannot get over this urge of posting this picture of me and some of my friends(Dont forget telling that I look good, else you need to see an eye specialist).

So the academy is trying to make us civil. For that they have hanged a tie permanently to our neck. For making us servants, they are trying to keep us busy from dusk to dawn. Apart from these, I have some other things to tell you too.

1. Mussorie is too good a place to be ( especially if you have lived in a place like Kanpur); so dont wait until your honeymoon to come here.

2. The LBS Academy is 'almost' nice, I mean the facilities here are excellent. But then we are facing a kind of shock treatment. Keep reading my blogs for further details.

3. I get up at 5 AM everyday for doing exercises, yes you read it right, EVERYDAY and mostly my schedule continues till 8 PM.

4. I have TV in my room, so now you know that government is not so poor.

5. I also have a Laptop in my room. So what, I have to share it with my roommate ( I capture it most of the time.)

6. The lectures are as boring as they can be anywhere in the world, and you know what; one can get a memo for sleeping in the class.

7. I have tried here to venture into arena of politics, or to put it in other words, I am fighting an election for some vague post. Though most of it is irrelevant but I am enjoying this.

8. And yes, it is turning out very hard to connect with 'real' persons after being in 'virtual' contact with them. I mean those with whom I was in contact through internet.

So these are the major things happening in my life. My blog may become less frequent now (blame it on my training and trainers), but I will try to keep it updated and let you know about the (mis)incidences of my life.

And yes, keep coming back, I am still blogging.

See below how Mussorie looks.


Chandana said...

Sooo looking forward to the updates...pls keep updating...n well wish u a gr8 going wth fc :)!

Shailesh said...

Hey Anurag, I am one of the worshipper of your blog.

I was wondering these days, how internet sauvy person like you could remain off ur blog for these long days.

Nice to see your blog, once again. Keep going.

Hari said...

Hi Anurag
the snap looks good but how can we locate u. I want to make a guess but at the same time didn't want to embarass u incase it goes wrong. So u let us know.
Cetainly FC will keep u busy but i think u will find time atleast once in 7 to 10 days to share u r valuable experiences ( provided the Official Secrets Act doesn't bar u from doing this). Once again i wish u the best out of
u r FC.

Anurag Srivastava said...

@Chandana: I will, but I am lost :P

@Shailesh: Thanks for your kind words, I will certainly try to keep my blog updated though the academy is giving us tough time here :)

@Hari: I am second from left. I will certainly keeping you all updated, official secrets act does not come in this way :)

Rahul said...

good that u r still a blogger :)

its a habit that takes time to go . i hope u won't let that happen ..
it must be fun . even with the tight schedule , just the feeling of being there.. i can feel the heat when i am typing so u must be sweating it out there :)