Sunday, August 12, 2007

Dear Diary

Yesterday I went for dinner to an old acquaintance, my mom’s colleague. She praised me and praised me and praised me more. I mean I like flattery but she made me feel embarrassed. And what kind of praises, that I was so cute and so childlike. The problem I feel is that they imagine a fat, old IAS officer. Then they try to fit me in that image. After failing in that exercise, they call me cute!


Now I will add another thing about the dinners. Why people do not bring all the items simultaneously. They serve chapattis and then they bring rice. After that they will give sweets and then bring ice-cream. Please, if you invite me for dinner, put everything on the table at the same time. By that I shall be able to manage what all I want to eat. Also I am not at all shy, so do not take extra care in serving me (a euphemism for force feeding me.)


Got sick today, I think it is viral fever. The thing I hate most is that I am feeling cold and at same time I am sweating. Now neither can I turn on the fan completely, sit in front of cooler or take a bath, nor can I wrap a blanket and sleep comfortably. It is irritating me all the time.


I am going to leave my home after three days. I am OK with it but still there is a tinge of sadness. When I got ill today, mom actually had my ‘Nazar Utarai’. I hope you know what ‘Nazar Utarna’ is. I do not believe in all this but I was touched. To her I will always remain a three year old kid, who can become ill by the evil eyes of the world.


My packing has not yet started. Somehow I have managed to complete the shopping but the packaging has not begun. I am really worried how I will be able to find out the things in Mussorie once I need them. Search for socks or tie becomes a full fledged excavation of the suitcase. Also another problem is that I can wrap trousers but still wrapping a shirt is difficult. I need a crash course from my mom. And how shall I wrap suites?


I am a little scared, little skeptical and little jubilant. A new chapter of my life is going to begin soon. I will join on 18th and then I will formally become an IAS. Well, this will be a career for lifetime. Right now I am having butterflies in my stomach.


hari said...

Hi Anurag,

Jubilant about being part of elite group, Skeptical about the foundation course (since u would be made to study again polity,economy,geography etc which u have studied for almost 2 years)and scared ?
About which cadre u would be alloted since good no.of people from UP made it into IAS like every year.

Hari said...

forgot to wish u all the best. Try to make best out of u r Foundation Course. I Wish u a challenging and satisfying career ahead.

darius said...

hey dont fold your suites. put them in a suite bag and carry it seperately.

as for the butterflies in the stomach.. lets both try and get rid of it on the 17th :)

Saagar said...

Good luck in ur new life pal, though I don't foresee you radically changing the way our system works by going against politicians or the bureaucracy, I would be really glad if you could manage in helping the common man within your limitations, for I know that this is real life and not a bollywood cinema :) Good luck in the most promising career once again..

Anonymous said...

enjoy ur stay at mussorie, 24 hrs internet access thr?

Shailesh said...

Hey Anurag,

Vivid Expressions thoughout ur blog!

The sense of transformation from one stage to another is really enjoyable though you sometimes need to sacrifice ur lovable part from the earlier stage.

We want to see the focused, caring Anurag even after few years of service in IAS.

Take care and all the best!!!!

Ajith said...

Congrats on IAS :)

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Anurag Srivastava said...

@hari: Scared about studies :); No, just a bit scared if I will prove to be worthy of the responsibility that will be put on me or if I have grown enough :P

No idea about the cadre till now. thanks a lot for your best wishes.

@darius: How can I carry 4 suits in the suite bag, I will have to put it in suitcase :(

@saagar/kartik: Thats the thing I want to do, that is do my work and do it well. I have no dreams of creating a revolution but if I can be of any help to anyone, I will be more than satisfied. Thanks for the best wishes

@seshu: yes, a shared comp on 2 people (roomates), though I have heard they keep a 14 hrs packed schedule :(

@shailesh: i will try to do that, that is to remain Anurag :). thanks for the wishes pal.

@Ajith: Thanks. I will surely try to do that :)

darius said...

dodo! you can easily put all four in one suite bag!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Anurag,

First of all congrats for your grand success in IAS exam. I can feel your joy by reading your blog.

I am Harish Awasthi, a passout of IIT Kanpur in 2006. I was your junior in Mech. I hope you remember me. I was AME presi after Jayendra.

I need to discuss a few things with you. It will be very helpful if you can drop a blank email at I will reply to your mail with my queries. I will be thankful for your help.

Congrats again for your success.

Harish Awasthi