Friday, August 03, 2007

She Came, She Saw, She Conquered

Yes she did that. Her conquest was complete and brutal. But I won’t talk about her conquest. It is already well known. I will only talk about the defeat. I was not the one defeated but certainly I had to bear its consequences.

I will not confuse you more. The
lady I am talking about is Ekta Kapoor and her entire ‘K’ series. Do not smile now and think that you will guess what I am going to write next. I hope my blogs are not as predictable.

I remember the time when I could actually watch television for hours. It used to be my best past time. There were serials that were interesting; there were soaps that were small and all ended after a certain time. But that was before the advent of Miss Kapoor.

The lady came and conquered the entire television primetime. She revolutionized the soaps and their entire storylines. Now wives find it hard now to manage with one husband, women never wear ordinary saris and soaps cannot do without songs.

There is this special ‘K’ series sound effect and all soaps have to revolve around family sagas. If a serial becomes popular, forget that it will ever end. It will evolve for generations, and in one year, an actor may find herself doing a fifth generation role.

Now I remain as far from the ‘idiot box’ as I can. I sincerely understand now why it has to be called so. I hate everything in these soaps, and the worst is the way their episodes end, as if there is none going to be more interesting than next.

Worse, I feel I am turning paranoid. When its special sound effects enter my ears, I feel restless. And if I see a tear in someone’s while watching these, I have no words to express my rage. It is not at the tears, but at the pathetic storyline that can bring that.

Well, I have been turned an outcaste in my own home. She is popular, she earns a lot, but let me explicitly state this; she is the one who stole my television.


darius said...

hey! am I glad or what to find anothr human being share my views on those blasted K series. The kind of addiction its created across the country is PREPOSTEROUS and absolutely makes my blood boil.

btw, im really honoured that you've taken unearthing-darius-identity mission as seriously as the holy grail quest!!! :)

yup a real long haul togethr we have, but more than anything else, I just want to see your reaction when u finally figure me out at the academy - cant tell you how i await that moment and I hope that you will be expressive enough to not disappoint me :)

Anonymous said...

i wonder how many tamilians are there in the top 80 that it's taking u forever to pin point darius' identity?

Anurag Srivastava said...

@Darius: Believe me there are many like us who want to revolt, but then its hard to revolt against our own family members, so we keep quiet :)

@Anonynmous: Who knows, I might have figured him out, what do you say Darius? ;)

darius said...

alas! wrong again my friend :)

anon: what makes u think of me as a tamilian??

darius said...

luckily, my folks still havent succumbed.. but its just that everyone around us seems to be hypnotized man!

ok, i have a request. much as im flattered and thrilled by your perseverence, now that just a week's left for us to finally meet, i would love it if we could figure out each other face to face. that would be a lot more exciting than over the internet, wont it? please?

btw, is anonymous joining us at the academy as well?? just curious..

darius said...

he he. me again. thought id make it easier for u after all.. looks like u are on my track really...... puducherry's good my friend. real good.

Chandana said...

Hw can anybdy be sure that Darius is not lieing at any stage in the game of detection???

Chandana said...

And it sure is not a fair play as long as he is lieing....:(

Anurag Srivastava said...

@darius: I have no idea about anonymous and till today he has not awaken my perseverance :)

darius said...

maybe thats cos unlike me, he's covered his tracks pretty well!!

btw, any idea whether we are actually required to inform the Academy of our travel plans? If so, who exactly do we contact? Or do we just use snail mail? And when do u reach? Maybe we'll bump into each other even before the session starts!

Anurag Srivastava said...

@Darius: I have no idea whom to inform my travel plans and I will most probably not do it. By the way I am reaching on 17th.

sushant said...

Hi anurag,

The real pitiful situation arises when some of these wives/mothers/sisters seem to be justifying these K series sagas as something "happening in society" and stress that cursing them is like turning pigeon in the changed sociological setups.