Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Good Teacher

Finally I could learn driving. The details of that are not worth mentioning. They were only because of a bad teacher. I believe if the teacher is good, it can be a cakewalk. So when I had this long break at home, I decided to teach driving to mom myself. Yes, I believe I am a good teacher, any problems with that?

Now till today she has completed ten days of her learning. Can you believe it that she can drive now. OK, I agree that certain conditions apply though. The road has to be empty with no turns. Also, she refuses to go above the speed twenty. But my point is that she can drive. She can also press clutch, brake and accelerator without looking down…. ok without looking down mostly. That is what a good teacher can do to you.

Another proof of my being good at teaching is that in last ten days I have saved lives of five dogs, one cow, and two men. A good teacher is actually always alert. See, I will tell you a real life scenario. When I see someone at a considerable distance, I start saying

“Mom press the brake…....(Gently)
Mom press the brake......... (Just a little louder)
MOM PRESS THE BRAKE.” (Volume not worth mentioning)

She panics. I pull the handbrakes. See simple. Was that dangerous in any way? She has nearly perfected in using clutch and accelerator, only 'some' problem is left with the brake.

Now consider this one

“Mom, take the next turn............................(Gently)
Mom, start turning the steering now......... (Just a little louder)
Ok, no problem, we can take the next turn.” (Gently again)

So you see I am a patient teacher. Many times on a slope, she stops. Now if she presses the accelerator, she has to leave the brake. But then car starts moving back. She then absolutely refuses to leave the brakes. Well, this is when the advantage of an empty road comes in picture. I give her complete time to deal with it herself….mostly.

I tell you, when you are teaching the driving to someone, you have to tackle many things. For example, the angry glance of the cyclist who has been giving side from last fifteen minutes, or the pedestrian who is forced to move at the extreme corner, as my mom prefers to remain at side of the road.

But there are some real hindrances for which she is not to be blamed. Their culprit is Bollywood movies. I never understand why heroes always keep oscillating their steering, mostly while singing songs. Now, I have to remind her every time that she can actually drive straight without oscillating the steering.

I am still trying to convince her to come on busy roads, but I do not insist. I hope you know the reason why. In my city, where people overtake from both sides, and there are no traffic rules it’s hard to drive. If she can drive here, she can drive in any place of the world. It is a real learning process for me, to teach something to my mom, I am learning to be patient. At a slight sign of disappointment at my face, she completely refuses to learn.

But guess what, she does not read my blogs :)

PS: I know mom, the patience you have shown in teaching me everything in life was much greater than all this. I will always try to emulate that.


Saagar said...

Man, did you have me in splits :) Good luck with the teaching, my Mom refused outright when I offered to teach her how to drive a Bajaj Sunny long back..

Anurag Srivastava said...

@saagar: i think a few days more and if your good luck works, she will drive just fine :)

Anonymous said...

gud wrk Anurag ..both the blog and teaching ur mom hw to drive ! Must ask her to practise while u r away 4 training ;-)

Anonymous said...

arre anuraag babu kachhu baat to hai...
itani gahri aur subtle line bina personal experience ke aahi nahi sakti hai
dekh bhaiyaa ham duniya ke sabse bare diljaon me se haiin
agar vo tum ho to mere dil ko bahut achha lagega :) ,ke,
kuchh kahaniyaan sach bhi hoti hain

Anurag Srivastava said...

@Anonymous 1: She is not practicing :(

@Anonymous 2: Was this comment meant for this blog or some other one :P

JULIE said...

That was so funny Anurag!!! All of us have had similar experiences. Me as the Mom when I was not yet Mom! Husbands can be worse teachers than sons and Moms can be better than wives! When Abhijit told me "every child on the road in like your drive carefully", I muttered " I wish every man on the road was like my husband, I would have mowed them down"!!!
It can be very very exasperating esp after you come out of India to a place like here---that you HAVE to drive! One of my older blogs was on similar lines.
Wednesday, January 16, 2008 BEHIND THE WHEELS.
Thanks for leaving your comment on my last one.

Sameera said...

nice post

i know how women give up easily on driving when the men dont seem to get 'how' to teach them :)

seen it a lot..guess its like a global phenomena..