Tuesday, June 05, 2007


What is the role of luck in life vis a vis a person’s karma. Some say that luck is the most important factor in anyone’s success while many believe that it’s a person’s efforts that decide the outcome. I found two very interesting explanations of this which cleared my understanding.

Life is like a game of bridge. The cards you get is your destiny but how you play is your karma. A person with good cards may spoil his game and vice versa. So in a way it’s a mixture of both.

Another explanation was that we are like an animal bounded by a rope in his neck. The animal cannot go beyond the limits of rope but in order to find out what his limits are he will have to do his karma.

Though at the risk of sounding didactic, I will say that all have to do their efforts to succeed. For success in UPSC I will say you need to be both hard working and lucky :). After all this speculation, I bow before Gita:

“Karmanyevadhikaraste Ma Faleshu Kadachana”


MHB said...

Congratulations for becoming IAS officer!
You have really got a great commendable writing and articulation skills.
Do you know anyone who is taking or taken maths as one of his optional. I needed some insight into it.Can you please introduce me to anyone.


Anurag Srivastava said...

@mhb: I dont know you, how can I refer you to anyone :) Can I have your intro.

Thanks for appreciating my writing skills. Give me your email id. I do not have any close friend having maths, but I will try. Else you will have to wait till I go to mussorie. There I may be able to catch hold of someone having maths

MHB said...

Hi Anurag,
Thanks for the response.
I have mailed you my intro.
please reply to it.