Thursday, June 14, 2007

Voice of the Nation

So Pratibha Patil, the present governor of Rajasthan, is the choice of UPA and left for the post of president. We may soon have our first female president. Sonia Gandhi and many others have called it a historic event.

The thing that strikes me is the focus is on ‘first female’ president. This has become her biggest qualification. Last time NDA brought Kalam and thus brought a ‘muslim’ president. Congress made Manmohan Singh Prime Minister and hence gave the nation first Sikh PM.

No I am not claiming that these things were parochial. I just intend to know does this really represent something. Have we achieved women empowerment after sixty years of independence and hence a female candidate for post. Does Manmohan Singh represent that minorities have gained equal share in development of the nation.

Actually the answer looks to be a no to me. Yes India is secular, democratic, providing equality to all and there is absolutely no doubt about that but somewhere in sixty years we could not achieve what we dreamt. There have been aberrations and certainly some big ones. The conscience of the nation and its people suffer from this guilt. It haunts us all and things like ‘first female president’ are like assurances that we give to ourselves that all is well.

To me this is not the voice of the nation but a chimera we intend to invent. The voice of the nation says fulfill the promises made to the citizens. Make India what it was intended to be, what is its true nature from centuries, an amalgamation, a land which provides home for all, whose main feature is its diversity, respect for all beliefs, race, religion, philosophies.

Till that day comes, we will be happy with things like we are going to have our first female president.


Shailesh said...

Well said!

U captured it right. Its a situation wherein u pat your own back for your actions.

Karthik said...

Cast in our own doubts about our own secular and blah blah blah image, all we need is re-assurance from such terms like 'First Woman President' etc. to masquerade many a fact that might reach the eye of common man. Any opposed candidate brought in by other parties, would stand as an obstacle in the path of a 'Woman becoming a President.' A giant political stroke aimed at reducing contest, is merely disguised in many a format. When would we see a day when they would Pratibha Patil, so and so is merited to be the one person in India eligible to become the President of India.. Not in my lifetime I guess..

You wrote my words pal, will need something else to blog :)

Anurag Srivastava said...

@Kartik: I am happy that i was fast:)

Had really nothing to write but Sonia Gandhi turned kind and gave me an idea. I am surprised how many people fall for this 'first female' thing.

Shailesh said...

So the reason for this blog is again a "female".:)

Anurag Srivastava said...

@shailesh:tum bhi :)

I categorically state that my intentions of this blog were no way related to the 'slight' attention I give o the fairer sex ;)

darius said...

i agree with you completely - at one level. But isn't it true that an issue such as this has many hues? At another level, at least there is this guilt conscience to start with. It may be just a drop in the ocean when it comes to truly improving women's position in society, but at least its a drop - even if only a psychological one?

Anurag Srivastava said...

@Darius: You are back :) How was your felicitation

Yes there is this guilt, so the situation is better than many other countries and this is indeed positive. Lets hope the penance of this guilt is not just ornamental.

Anonymous said...

:) yup. thats the real thing to hope for..

my grand father was seriusly ill so no felicitation function was held.. honestly, i was relieved :)