Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Mystery of Sweet Boxes

I am no Arthur Conan Doyle so don’t expect a Sherlock Holmes kind of mystery from me. My mystery is simply AS’s mystery, the kind of mystery which happens in our families, surrounding any interesting event, be it a marriage, funeral, or something of ‘relevance’ for e.g. getting a job.

But my mystery was different. It had actors which were unknown to me, unknown to each other. That made the case more complex. Now when I will tell you, you will say this was obvious but not to me,not to someone who is unfamiliar with the dealings of our society.

So what happened was, sweet boxes kept on piling in my house. There were kaju wali barfis, there were gulabjamuns, there were jalebis, there were those bengali sweets and what not. And the strange thing was they came from sources unknown to me, unknown to my family. People came with distant references or no reference at all and never forgot to bring a sweet box along with them.

I enquired to my mother but she could not give a satisfactory answer. I had a doubt that she was hiding something from me. When I saw a pattern I decided to solve the case. The only change from the past was that I was selected in a competition (now I won’t mention the name). But was that the only reason.

And then I got the clue which opened everything. Many of the sweet providers were asking my date of birth and not only that, even the time and place of it. So now I know. I am not that big a naive not to understand that these things are used for horoscopes.

You might not have solved the case but it’s my detective instinct that found that these sweet boxes were for marriage proposals. But for whom, was it for me, AS. The case was not that simple. On deeper analysis I found that I or my name did not matter. The proposals were for someone who was going to be an IAS.

Dear sweet boxes, all of you will be disappointed, but no, I am not going to disclose the reason :)


Shailesh said...

Really was it Mysterious for you??

I thought our Mr. Anurag would be busy njoying this one too!

darius said...

Irrespective of your reply to all these offers - your mom must be thrilled!

Karthik said...

And you thought it was mystery :), it's usually necessary for people to be in good books of eligible bachelors just in case, so that the next level can be easier for marr talks, what better way to start than some mouth watering sweets :)

Anurag Srivastava said...

@shailesh: I liked some sweets, so you can say I enjoyed them :)

@Darius: My mom is OK, actually saying no is also not a good experience

@Kartik: now when you are in my good books I will forward proposals (not sweet boxes) to you ;)

Rahul said...

Marriage .. hmmm.. the sweets part is more interesting to me ..

if you happen to get bored .. bring some packets to iit.. its been a while i ate some :)

Anurag Srivastava said...

@Rahul: will remember that :)

Deepanjali B Sarkar said...

Hilarious! Had thought they wanted to be in your good books since you are going to be a prospective ias officer. Hadn't guessed they were marriage proposals!