Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Meeting Anurag Srivastava, the DM

(Lot of didactic stuff, don't blame me if you get bored)

This is not meant to be a joke. The present DM of Kanpur is in fact Shri Anurag Srivastava, IAS topper 1992 batch. He has done his B.Tech from IIT Kanpur and got through civil services in his first attempt by achieving All India Rank one . I got to meet him through a common friend of family.

The first thing that strikes about the DM house is its opulence. The house that was designed during British era can in no way be called humble. From the main road one can see signboards pointing towards the DM house. It is a huge house with a bunch of policeman at the gate.

At the allotted time we are asked to enter the office. I am awed by seeing the size of the office. It is like a big conference room. There is a big table and seats for visitors, not two, not three but at least thirty grand chairs. Later I came to know that the office is also used for press conferences and meetings and hence it’s huge size. There is a laptop kept at the table, a TV and a VCD player in a side of the room.

Anurag Srivastava is a thin man in his late thirties. I am introduced to him and he is pleased to know that we are namesakes. The discussion begins and first thing at which we are amused is that both of us got poor marks at the interview. He got 120(out of 250) and I got 150(out of 300).

After some trivial talk, I arrive at the real issue “Sir, I am going to enter the IAS, what advice would you like to give me" And now starts the real conversation.

He starts by saying enjoy your stay at Mussorie, learn all what you can, be it horse riding or firing pistols. Also, study the courses well; you may need them in your job. Do no think that your studies are over. You will have to keep reading throughout your life.

Quoting his words “IAS is the best job profile a person ever dreams.” One can get to work in almost any department. There is infinite scope of everything. If you want to bring development you will be able to do that, if you want to attack
Social evils, you can do that, if you want to get degrees, you will be able to get admission in the best universities worldwide, and if you want to be corrupt no one will be able to do anything against you.

But if you want to do good work, and serve the real goal of being an IAS never bow to any pressure. This shall be very difficult for the initial years of your service. Accommodate you must, but never at the cost of your principles.

His parting advice was "Don’t get lost in this power game. Give time to your family and do what you enjoy to do. There is pressure in the job but you have to manage it.

There is a life beyond IAS and enjoy that too.”


prasunca1711 said...

not bored
but enjoy it

Anonymous said...


Shailesh said...

Anurag is back..and he is " Back with a bang!!!"

U seem to have lot more similarities....further you shared ur institute too!

What we can make out frm this blog..is humbleness of this man.

Need not to say ur too.

darius said...

this entry is for keeps

Anurag Srivastava said...

I thought people will be bored to read this, but the comments prove the contrary :)

@Shailesh: there indeed were similarities, but also a gap of 26 ranks between mine and his :)

Chandana said...

Words of wisdom are invaluable!!

Rahul said...

I found a pattern ..

1,1992,2007,27 can't see it

see it again :D

now don't say u can't see it even now :P

So its not Mr Dutta to blame for your rank but someone else .. you know who :)

Anurag Srivastava said...

@Rahul: You ahve an eye for patterns, looks as if you are a real IITian. Think about science optionals :)

yogini said...

Hello Anurag,
I have been following your blog since March 2009.Your blogs about the interview and the days at LBS institute have been very interesting.
This blog also informs us about the life after becoming an IAS .
I am also an IAS aspirant,experiencing the ups and downs of the preparation days.

sudhanshu srivastava said...

Hello Sir...
I dont know whether now u get the time to follow this link,but i liked it...and felt interesting as a future ias was taking interview of a present ias.......having namesake and same college...
i also read your interview at ias exam by subir dutta board....

sudhanshu srivastava

sudhanshu said...

Hello Sir

anurag said...

to be very frank .....we are namesake only..........and eventhough i dont have any study plans for civil services ...but about your interview ......"it was fantabulas"

thank u to share ur experience which was valuble to me

anurag srivastava

Anonymous said...

the same guy is in soup for arrogant misdemeanor. Wonder if power corrupts or corruption is inherent impulse.