Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Male Dance Begins

So you are wondering what is male dance. It is the dance (or an activity which is different from normal) which males in some species perform to attract the females. You guessed it right, male dance is common in human beings too.

Even I have found myself performing male dance at times. More than the idea of attracting the females, it’s the behavior of other males around you which makes you do this.

The recent incident occurred in a meet of candidates selected in civil services organized by an organization which conducted mock interviews. We were nearly twenty peoples and as usual there was the skewed sex ratio, the curse thrust upon me since my engineering days, only four girls on sixteen boys.

I went with a friend of mine who got a slightly better rank. Complete one hour passed and we could not even claim a ‘hi’ with girls. The competition was tough and even the faculty seemed to be our competitors, leave alone the selected guys.

There was this beautiful girl; with a sunshine smile (other descriptions ought to be omitted for decency) who attracted the attention of nearly everyone. We could have never let the event pass without an introduction at least. The hierarchy principle was running high in our mind and if a guy, who was uglier than us (in relative terms), with a rank in two hundreds could constantly revolve around her, we having a rank in twenties certainly deserved our share.

So when the girl was leaving and this ugly guy still revolving around her, we decided to take matters in our hand (in other words perform the male dance). We said a desperate hi and once the conversation started, we were seeking all the information right from which place she belonged, which service she expected, what were her optionals etc. The competition even started between me and my friend that who can talk more to her. The guy with this girl was stubborn. He did not leave the girl even now. Though as Arjuna, we concentrated only on the girl completely ignoring the guy.

Someone reintroduced us four to another faculty and we discovered that this guy and that girl had the same surname. I missed even this but my friend who claims to have more experience in these matters felt something wrong. He asked the guy if the girl was his sister or a relative. To the embarrassment of all of us he said aloud “No! we are going to get married soon.”

Well, that is life. We salvaged our image after that as much as we could by talking only with the guy about his marriage plans, and pretending that we were so excited by their plans. After that I had a deep regret that I also performed the male dance, and as usual failed miserably. I console myself by thinking it’s the human gene that is to blame and not me.

God! You created an unfair world.

PS: If the couple concerned is reading this, please pardon me and understand that I had to take some liberties with the incident to make the blog interesting.

I also want to state to all those reading that there is a good element of imagination in this, so do not let this post degrade my image :)


Shailesh said...

Amazed !!

REally gr8 writing skills, I cud just feel the whole episode and cud imagine ur situation whn u came to know abt both of thm.

Its a situation that many of us go thru'. But after going thru ur blogs 4 last few mnths, I take an opportunity to guess tht u wudnt have been thru this type of situation much.

It wud have been u who would have made many girls die for U !!!

Shailesh Balkawade

Rahul said...

This sums up your 140 in essay ...
really remarkable way of real life story telling..
good work man ....

Great Going!!1

Anurag Srivastava said...

@Shailesh: How much I wish that the fairer sex also felt the way you did :)

@Rahul: Thanks buddy

shammi said...

indeed gr8 i must say u have good writing skills i coud'nt stop laughing reading this experience.good show anurag!

Vikash Shahwal said...

Entertaining as hell :)
One comment.... dont u think its too much of liberty u had (unforunate couple :)):P

Anurag Srivastava said...

@vikash: when we perform male dance, our hormones take over and we forget how much liberty we should take :)


Nice way to put the human weaknesses into perspective :)

Anonymous said...

liked your "Arjuna" comment...
too good..

Naveen Shivashankar said...

it was a very good read!

Naveen Shivashankar said...

a very good read! :)